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Necessary Amenities You Should Have in Your New Neighbourhood

January 17, 2019

You already know that choosing the right community for your new home is every bit as important as finding the right floor plan for your family, but what exactly should you be looking for?

While every family has unique needs, convenience is perhaps the most important thing to seek out. In particular, we think that the following amenities are essential for happiness.

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Home Gym Ideas You Can’t Live Without

January 14, 2019

Getting to the gym can be hard, but if you have the right equipment at home, you don’t have to worry about staying in shape. Some people set up a home gym in a flex room or bonus room. Others use an extra bedroom or the basement. You could even just set something small up in the corner of a room.

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Are You Ready to Buy Your First Home?

January 10, 2019

Of course, the idea of buying your very own home is more than exciting. You'll have your own space, personalized to your own tastes and you'll finally be able to start building equity. But before you get too eager, you have to be absolutely sure you're ready.

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Reasons Why Now Is a Great Time to Buy Your First Home

January 7, 2019

If you’ve been hesitating over whether or not you should buy your first home, the beginning of the year is the perfect time to get serious about the prospect. Assuming you’re in a good financial position to make the leap, we’ve put together some of the best reasons why now is a great time to buy your first home.

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Is Renting or Buying a Better Option for You?

January 3, 2019

 Whether you’ve been renting an apartment for years or are living in your parents’ basement, there comes a time when you start to think about buying your own home. Maybe you need more space. Maybe you’re sick of throwing money away on rent. Whatever the reasons, it's time to take a close look at your options and decide if you're ready for homeownership.

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Happy New Year from Broadview Homes!

December 31, 2018

As one year comes to an end and another begins, we wanted to take a moment to wish you and your family a very happy new year.

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New Year’s Resolutions You’ll Actually Keep

December 27, 2018

Everyone looks to the New Year as the perfect opportunity to make some big changes. Unfortunately, we often tend to give up on those resolutions within the first month of the new year. 

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Happy Holidays from Broadview Homes!

December 24, 2018
Happy Holidays from Broadview Homes! May you and your family feel peace and love, and enjoy a wonderful holiday season.
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Home Decor Tips for People Who Can’t Decorate

December 20, 2018

Some people have an eye for how to make a room look good. Others, not as much. If you seem to be missing the decorating gene, you don’t have to settle for a home that's slapped together from various mismatched pieces. Our home decorating tips are easy to follow and will put you on the right track.

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Floor Plan Feature: The Monticello

December 17, 2018

When you’re thinking about building a new home for your family, you don’t want to compromise. You know that you’ll spend many years in this home, so you should make style choices that are good in the long-term. For many families, space is the most important feature of a home. You want enough space to hang out with each other - and even a few guests - but you also want space that feels more private.

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