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The Pros and Cons of a Sellers Market

June 10, 2019

A seller’s market occurs when there aren’t a lot of homes on the market. Buyers are eager to make a purchase, but there's not a lot of homes for sale. This is great news when you’re trying to sell your home, but there can be disadvantages as well - particularly if you’re trying to buy a new home at the same time.

Learn more about some of the pros and cons of a seller’s market so you know what to expect before listing your home for sale.

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Broadview Homes Suggestions for a Beautiful Outdoor Space

June 3, 2019

Getting ready to fire up the grill? Looking forward to kicking back with an ice cold lemonade (or something a little stronger)? Better weather is now upon us, and the days are only going to get nicer. You want to have a beautiful outdoor space, and we’ve got some of the best ideas out there.

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The Pros and Cons of a Buyers Market

May 27, 2019

A “buyers’ market” exists when there are more available homes on the market than there are willing buyers. During times like this, buyers are often able to be picky about the homes they choose, and they don’t necessarily have to act quickly in order to get the home they want.

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7 Gardening Tips that Work for Winnipeg

May 13, 2019

The smell of spring is in the air, and you’re looking forward to creating the perfect garden in your new home. As you know, the weather here can be fickle, so you should plan for the unexpected as much as possible.

By using these tips that are appropriate for Winnipeg’s climate, your garden will quickly become your pride and joy.

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Buying Your First Home in Canada

May 6, 2019

Buying a home in Canada may be a little different than buying property in your home country, but the good news is that Canada makes it fairly easy for anyone who qualifies to get through the process. If you're interested in buying or building a new home, a builder's agent is on your side to help you as well.

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Move-in Ready Home: 363 Bonaventure Dr. West

April 25, 2019

If you’ve been looking for all the luxury features of a brand-new home but don’t want to wait for the construction process to complete, have you considered buying a move-in ready show home?

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Fun Family Easter Traditions to Try This Year

April 18, 2019

Sometimes, it can feel like we get into a holiday rut. We stick to the same old traditions we followed as kids, and while there’s a certain magic to that, you might be missing out on some fun new traditions that your family could take up.

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